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Payment Processing
"The more you give, the more you get" also applies to Database Management.
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Here's a few things you get with CharityEngine's payment processing services in addition to our hands-on customer support and availability for your team:

Payment processing for credit cards

Minimize financial stress with CharityEngine's nonprofit merchant services

Payment processing for credit cards is a pretty simple concept. Donors provide you a credit card while your processor makes sure the money gets to your bank account.

CharityEngine's payment processing makes it easy, by directly integrating payment processing into your donations, registration and e-commerce forms as well as your donor database.

Plus, our mobile POS tool lets you take credit cards onsite that feed directly into the donor database too!

Recurring & single-event billing from credit cards or ACH

We handle payment processing options for both single-event transactions & monthly/recurring billing.

  • All payment processing is not the same. There is payment processing for single-event transactions with credit cards at a swiping terminal, credit card transactions executed using online forms, monthly transactions on credit cards, and even monthly withdrawals from checking accounts. Our processing services work for all of the different payment forms.

Credit card automatic updater

We automatically update a payee's new credit card information.

  • If you bill donors every month or quarter, then it's likely that at some point, the charge won't go through because they received a new credit card. Our CCAUS helps us identify those cards and update the information without having to track down the cardholder, so you experience no interruption.
Maximize your nonprofit status

If you have 501c3 status, we make sure you're getting the charitable rates you deserve.

  • Our institutional knowledge of both commercial and nonprofit payment processing means we can find you as many rate benefits as possible from your nonprofit status.

Integration with your CRM

We provide direct integration with your CharityEngine® CRM software so you can operate and service your donors with accurate data.

  • Whether you're managing constituent or customer relationships, keeping track of declines and approvals gives you the necessary information to improve your operations.

Optimized verification settings

Our experienced teams set up your AVS And CVV to get minimal declines.

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