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Why Havent I Been Inspired By You Yet?

I apologize if you're reading this and I HAVE actually been inspired by you.

Maybe I saw your video on my Facebook newsfeed that told the story of someone who was changed by your organization. Or clicked on your video my friend shared with the headline "This brought me to tears".

And it's certainly possible I saw your video roll on YouTube. Or CNN.com. Or Upworthy.

But if you didn't make that video, then I didn't see it because it didn't play on my Facebook feed, get shared by my friend, or play on my screen.

And that's too bad.

Because I might've been REALLY inspired. I might've liked it or shared it myself, and when I saw your name elsewhere, would've connected it with that video.

Video moves people & its easy to make

One of the most amazing things about iPhones, YouTube, and Macbooks is that it has democratized video creation to the point that it's a fraction of what it used to be to make a video.

Granted it costs a lot to make it look like a Lexus commercial but you don't have to. Your message, if you believe in it, adds tens of thousands of dollars in production value because the story is what's king. Do you know how many talented people with a Macbook and an Adobe Editing Suite would probably create an amazing video for you relatively inexpensively? Especially young videomakers looking to build their portfolio?

Could you afford $10,000 for a video? $5,000? $3,000? $1,000? $500? Whatever you can afford, somehow, someone, can make a 1-3 minute video that will reach people and tell your story with passion.

Did you see the viral video of the former paratrooper who had given up on health but resurrected his life through Yoga? There was no Donate Now button at the end but I would've given to something at that moment. It wasn't close to Hollywood quality but it was magical in how it inspired.

One of the coolest companies I have come along since I started in the nonprofit space is an agency called Renegade Communications.

Take a look at what they did through video for the OneLove Foundation by clicking on the image on the right.

Their work isn't inexpensive but their model is what's incredible. Because they are full of both creative teams and fundraising veterans, they have figured out how to get nonprofits to invest in video messaging by helping them find donors who would want to invest in that particular initiative. And once it's created, they help them place that content through social and digital channels that work. They are doing the heavy lifting so you can use the power of film to move your mission forward. Even if you don't know how to. It's brilliant.

In summary. Make Video that inspires. Make it yourself. Find someone who will help you. Or find a marketing partner who will help you figure out how to get it made and in people's feeds.

Because if you aren't making a video, you aren't giving me anything to watch, and it's that much harder to inspire me to take any action at all.

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Author: Leigh Kessler is VP of Marketing for CharityEngine. In addition to being an expert on branding, he is a former stand-up comedian and TV personality seen on shows like VH1's "Best Week Ever" and CNN's "Showbiz Tonight".


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