What is Donor Journey Management?

Donor Journey Management applies two fundamental principles of the for-profit world to fundraising acquisition and retention:

Higher Lifetime Value

A long-term donor is more valuable than a one-time donor.

Smarter Engagement

It costs less to keep a current donor than to acquire a new one.

When you deliver a rewarding and personalized experience over time to the people in your giving universe, you create greater value in the relationship (retention) and increase the return on your investment (cost of acquisition).

Modern fundraising technology should make that easier. That's why we created the first integrated fundraising technology platform with products and solutions that help you do both.

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CharityEngine products

Whether you need an out-of-the-box fundraising system or custom solutions to solve particular needs, we make it easier to manage your donors' relationships with your organization.

Everything you need for online and offline fundraising, communications, and donor management in a single platform.

An innovative solution for your online needs - forms, email, digital tracking - synced to other databases like Raisers Edge, DMI and Salesforce.

Run integrated direct mail and email campaigns from quick digital blasts to complex segmentation-driven direct mail appeals.

Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer, event registration and more - whether you're managing a single event or hundreds at one time.

Manage pipelines, pledges and payments with a 360 degree view of your high priority targets' relationships, interactions history and interests.

Centralize and manage the online and offline data from your favorite point solutions on CharityEngine's enterprise-ready platform.

Are you an agency or integrator?

CharityEngine Solutions

More solutions around acquisition and retention that the CharityEngine platform delivers.

CRM Strategy & Design

We'll help you develop and implement your CRM vision around your needs and goals, on CharityEngine's enterprise-ready platform.

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Sustainer Management

Monthly/recurring giving programs are not the same as one-time donation programs. We help manage the unique complexities of sustainers.

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Direct Response TV

See how CharityEngine has helped manage the complex CRM operations for some of the largest DRTV programs in nonprofit.

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Payment Processing

Save money and get financial data in a faster, more actionable way with our integrated payment processing & merchant services.

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Multi-Channel Campaigns

A marketers dream! Real-time attribution tools capture which campaigns generate actions and dollars – online, TV, print, radio, direct mail, etc.

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Advanced Fraud Protection

Our patented technology saves you tens to hundreds of thousands a year by eliminating the risks of fraudulent credit card activity.

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