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Take a look at some of the things we've been thinking about lately.

Why Didn't GM Create the Tesla?
The new Tesla shows us that innovation doesn't necessarily come from the big names you'd expect. It comes from innovators.

DMAW Crash Course - A lesson in nonprofit Magic
The DMAW's Crash Course In Integrated Marketing was a reminder that sometimes we rely a bit too much on magic instead of strategy.

Learning by Listening & the ThroughTheNoise Podcast
Through The Noise, the podcast we are now sponsoring, gives you the opportunity to learn by passively listening - Not a bad thing in today's day and age.

What Nonprofits can learn about branding from stand-up comedy
Nonprofits are brands. And every brand needs a voice. Here's a stand-up comic's perspective on finding that voice.

Kicking people while they are up
Just as fast as the ALS Icebucket went viral, so too is criticism of the org. And it's unfair and on the verge of negligent.

The As & Bs of the Subscription Economy
Is A/B Testing still relevant in today's fundraising world? Well, yes, but maybe no too.

Dont Copy the ALS Icebucket Challenge
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was an incredible idea and an incredibly lucky viral event. But don't try to copy it.

Dont misread the Chronicle of Philanthropy article on Facebook
Don't misinterpret the Chronicle of Philanthropy's thoughts on Facebook because of the title of their recent article "Charities Like Facebook for Rallying Support but Not Much for Fundraising".

NYC restaurants mobile phone lesson for nonprofits
The story about the NYC Restaurant being slowed by mobile phones is a reminder to nonprofits too.

Why Lebron James would choose CharityEngine over Blackbaud
Why Lebron James would choose CharityEngine over Blackbaud