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Why Lebron James would choose CharityEngine over Blackbaud
Why Lebron James would choose CharityEngine over Blackbaud

Our two great presentations at Bridge Conference
Download PDFs of CharityEngine's presentations at the Bridge Conference, "What NPOs can learn from Gyms" and "How to launch a run/walk or Bike Race".

The best nonprofit email marketing software is....
When determining which nonprofit email marketing software is easy to use, it's important to first define "easy".

CharityEngine Weekly Word Cloud 6/24
CharityEngine Weekly Word Cloud 6/24

CharityEngine's new user interface may have just changed nonprofits forever
The all new CharityEngine 4.0 user interface launched Monday. And it may have changed nonprofit technology forever.

CharityEngine Weekly Word Cloud 6/17
CharityEngine Weekly Word Cloud 6/17

501cTech, Innovation & Richard Pryor
The 501cTech Innovation Awards inspires a recollection of another great innovator, Richard Pryor.

What nonprofits can learn about monthly giving from Jeep owners
Did you know Jeep drivers wave at each other? Feeling that you are part of something special is a strong and powerful emotion. Nonprofits need to remember that in sustained giving efforts.

Cool Feature: Achievements and Gamifaction for peer-to-peer
In this month’s “Cool Feature: But do you care?”, we look at the gamification and achievements tools built into CharityEngine’s Peer-to-peer tools that will help create better engagement with the folks doing the groundwork for you – your peer-to-peer fundraisers.

Amazon & the Melting Iceberg of Direct Mail Fundraising
While direct mail may be king in nonprofit fundraising, it is a melting iceberg. How fast until it melts completely? Well, do you realize that today, if you wanted to buy a book in a book store you have almost no options? The internet changes the world faster than we realize.