Welcome to CharityEngine's Developer Portal

If you are a software developer, web designer, or integration partner interested in connecting to CharityEngine’s APIs you are in the right place. The CharityEngine architecture supports two classes of APIs: Integration APIs and Public Web APIs. The distinction between these classes has to do with the consumers and usages as well as distinct authentication and permission differences associated with them. For example, the WebPayment API allows designers to easily extend the powerful payment processing capabilities of CharityEngine into packaged widgets that can be deployed on websites and social media channels.

Integration API

Designed to support complex software integrations and data exchanges such as real-time synchronization between databases.

Audience : Software Developers
Protocols: SOAP
Authentication: Two-Factor Authentication (Credentials + IP Address)
Examples: Software Integrations, Data Syncs

Public Web API

Designed to allow an open framework for the development community to create rich user experiences with real-time, contextual data on the CharityEngine Platform.

Audience : Web Designers & Front-End Developers
Protocols: REST (JSON or XML)
Authentication: In-App User Context / Other
Examples: Widgets, Data Aggregation, Online User Experience

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